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Go where digital can’t. Take advantage of our deep experience and a long history of tech & SaaS direct mail success to lead or compliment your omnichannel effort.


Targeted efforts that deliver high quality response at every level of your sales funnel

Tech and SaaS product marketing is complex. Whether you’re looking to generate top-of-funnel leads or increase the effectiveness of your ABM program, we can help you to improve prospect engagement and program ROI.

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Happy customers, successful campaigns, honest reviews

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Elevate your tech marketing and improve ROI with direct mail

Enhance your ROI by leveraging Gundir’s expertise to navigate the complexities of technology marketing landscapes at every stage of the sales fu​nnel.


Full service — no missing pieces

We offer turnkey services for all the direct mail needs of firms selling tech and SaaS products: Data analysis and strategy, test planning, award-winning creative and efficient production processes to minimize cost and maximize results. We’ll manage your program from start to finish.


Establish and refine goals

Agreeing on specific objectives and the B2C metrics that define success for your business.


Strategic planning

Quickly understanding your audience, their needs, and key benefits, so we can design tests that reveal the most useful insights.


Precise targeting

Determining which B2C data sources and list segments offer the most promise through research and modeling.


Creative development

Driving response with content designed to engage and compel action from our award winning creative team.


Flawless execution

No scheduling delays, last-minute budget surprises or errors thanks to our team of production experts.


Detailed analysis

Accelerating optimization with actionable insights based on our proprietary matchback algorithms optimize B2C programs.


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Check out our case studies. See what we did, why and how it worked to help our clients succeed in the mail.

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