Some Highlights From Sheltering In Place

Jaki Rangel
Some Highlights From Sheltering In Place
Here Are Some Thoughts From The Team On Making The Most Of Our Time At Home …

Working remotely has made me realize how many hours I’ve been commuting every week. To not have to be on the road enabled me to start my workday earlier and be more efficient.

My waistline would disagree it’s a positive, but I am cooking and baking a lot more. Without being able to go out, I’m spending more time in the kitchen doing experiments I normally wouldn’t give myself time for.

I had forgotten that I really do enjoy cooking dinner. After all the fast food and dinners out, when you have the time to cook there really is something about sitting down to a home cooked meal.  Those recipes that always looked good but I never had the time to deal with are now getting pulled out of the “pending to try file” and now my “favorites”  cookbook is getting a lot thicker!

More time with my kiddos!

I’ve lost 10 pounds during SIP and 18 pounds total so far this year! Luckily I spent last year learning that emotional eating isn’t as comforting as it seems, so SIP—being away from the work snacks and treats, being 100% in control of what I’m eating, and having more time for exercise (because I don’t have a commute)—has been a big help in this endeavor!

1) I’m more productive at home, I can concentrate and have more output for work; 2) I have more opportunity for self-care—and I was in dire need of that; 3) I find the work calls more intimate via Zoom—it’s actually nice to have a little group call—and then also share a peek into my colleagues (friends’) personal lives—I’ve enjoyed that greatly. Thank you for asking!

A few things that I’m doing better with: 

  1. meal planning and making 1 new recipe a week
  2. really embracing the instant pot
  3. with no commute, I’m usually finding 30 mins to 1 hour for myself that I never had before
  4. eating more veggies
  5. get more time with the family

but please note—I still have not completed 1 thing on my to-do list when quarantine started!

Healthier living—better eating and more workouts at home.

Just the reminder of how great the whole team at Gunderson is—truly impressive/amazing how positive, flexible, and cohesive the team is. I feel we’re making the best out of a difficult situation, which will really pay off when we get back to normal, and can work together in closer proximity.

It’s been nice spending more time with the family. We’ve been cooking together, taking walks and bike rides together and playing games together. There’s also been so much grass roots community support for one another which is so heartwarming to see. 

I think one of the unsung best things to come from shelter in place is our entire organization being able to go 100% remote. The fact that during all of this none of us has also had to worry about the logistics of leaving the house every day is a huge benefit. Knowing we can do our jobs without having to navigate going back into the office, wearing masks, doing temperature checks, and disinfecting every surface, is a major anxiety reducer for me (and others I’m sure)

More specific to my life and household:

  • We’ve cooked a LOT and tried some new recipes (being able to slow cook short ribs, in the oven, on a cold and gloomy Tuesday is lovely)
  • We’ve completed a lot of projects around the house
  • We’ve gone for a number of drives with no destination in mind, just for a change of scenery
  • I’ve written a bunch of ‘just because’ cards to send to far away friends 
  • Last but not least, I appreciate the fact that my husband and I got an inordinate amount of time together.  Until we retire there will likely not be another point in our lives where we get to hang out for weeks on end, and there’s no one I’d rather avoid a pandemic with.

I’ve been attempting recipes that I would’ve never tried. So far, so good!

The big positive for me personally has been adopting our puppy, Layla. It’s the ideal situation right now given the amount of time we’re all at home. Plus our girls are at the right age to begin learning this type of responsibility. And although I’ve been up at 3am with Layla two nights in a row, and she’s decided that one of my favorite plants is the perfect bed for bone chewing, this new little creature has been a huge beam of light.

It’s great to make a habit of daily physical activity, it feels more important than ever to move the body and relax the mind. Going for walks has taken on a whole new dimension.

Jaki Rangel

People person. Avid reader. Bay Area born and raised. Managing the office and all of our human resource needs, Jaki wears many hats to ensure the Gunderson Direct team thrives and the agency sees continued success.

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