Our Better Every Day Challenge Raises $52k+ For Special Needs Kids!

Mike Gunderson
Our Better Every Day Challenge Raises $52k+ For Special Needs Kids!

Key Takeaways:

  • $52,885 will be going to the nonprofit Special Forces Sports Foundation
  • This money will enable even more events that connect special needs children with local high school athletes
  • Results exceeded expectations—you guys rock!
The Numbers Are In, And Y’all Killed It!

Thanks to your hard work and dedication, a whopping  $52,885 in donations raised through our Better Every Day Challenge will be going to the nonprofit Special Forces Sports Foundation. Special Forces Sports Foundation (SFSF) is a nonprofit organization that partners students with special needs with high school and collegiate athletes for engaging and rewarding experiences. Through events such as Special Forces Sports Day, SFSF empowers groups to learn valuable life lessons from each other that they will carry through the rest of their lives.

Here are the full-on results for the five-day challenge:

  • Challenge Kits Sent: 350
  • Social Likes and Shares: 4,176
  • Total Jumps/Reps: 143,550
  • Total Donations Received: $52,885

These numbers exceeded expectations by thousands of dollars! Regarding the challenge—and the results—Gunderson Direct President Mike Gunderson states, “At Gunderson Direct we strive to be Better Every Day for our clients, our employees, and of course our community. This was a special effort, and we are very happy we could spread goodwill, increase awareness, and raise funds to help the kids benefiting from the Special Forces Sports Foundation.”

And “Dr.” Matt Lance, the founder of Special Forces Sports Foundation, had this to say, “It was an honor to be included in the #BetterEveryDay challenge. The visibility our foundation was given—and the funds we received—will help us bring events to more communities, connect children with special needs and athletes, and build inclusive opportunities that teach compassion and empathy.”

Gunderson Direct will award a big ol’ check to the Special Forces Sports Foundation at one of the nonprofit’s upcoming events. Pictures to come ?

Thank You

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