How To Be My Favorite Client

Sarah Stone
How To Be My Favorite Client

Key Takeaways:

  • Successful work is the result of great partnerships.
  • You’re an expert. I’m an expert. Let’s share ?
  • Favorite clients are communicative, responsive, open, flexible, and FUN!
I Get It — It’s Probably Not Your Goal To Be My #1 Client.

Even so, it’s my goal to be your #1 account manager at your #1 agency. But, I can’t do it alone. Everything’s better when we work together—better processes, better work, and a better likelihood of success. It’s a karma thing.

As your Account Executive, I’ll be your guide and will partner with you on all aspects of direct mail here at Gunderson Direct. I admit it, I’m a proud direct mail geek. And I bet you are equally proud of your business and your expertise in your industry.

For your direct mail program to succeed and your program to thrive, we need you, our client, to be an active participant in the process. Our goal is to make great, responsive, scalable direct mail programs by combining our knowledge and experience with yours. And hopefully we can have some fun along the way!

Here’s how you can become my favorite client (and get the most out of your direct mail program) in 5 easy steps:

Be Communicative

Like most AEs, I’m one of the talkative extroverts of the agency. But I also want to listen! Tell me all about your product, your customers, your value proposition, your niche, even your weaknesses. Beyond product info, share your company’s goals and the role direct mail can play in your success. All of these things inform our plans and strategies so we can deliver the most successful program possible.

Be Responsive

Let’s work together to get projects over the finish line. I’ll keep you in the loop on what’s happening with your project, including any information or sign-offs we’ll need and when we’ll need them. Clients who meet their deadlines are the best! As we move closer to—and then get into the production process—the turnaround times can get pretty tight if we’re going to keep to our planned schedule. If we know your constraints—things like legal approvals, data delivery, and sign-off turnaround times—we can plan accordingly.

Be Open

One of the best parts of my job is working with our team of DM experts to come up with great ideas to drive your business forward. Be open to our team’s ideas about testing plans, messaging, paper stocks, and more. Our channel is unique in many ways, so please ask questions, and understand what we’re recommending and why. And of course, we want your input on how it can be better.

Be Flexible

I get it: plans, situations, logos, (even budgets!) can change midway through a project. If this happens, the GD Team and I will do everything we can to keep things on track. When changes to the established plan result in schedule or budget adjustments (whether from our side or yours), let’s make a pact that we’ll be timely and transparent in working together to accommodate changes.

Be Fun

The Gunderson Direct Account Team LOVES to celebrate! It’s one of my favorite parts of the job. So let me know your birthday, your work anniversary, your favorite kind of candy, what you like to do in your free time—anything and everything that will help me get to know you better. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the outcome! And if you laugh at my jokes, I’ll love you forever. (I’ll always laugh at yours.)

See why it pays to be my favorite client? Projects go better, we’ll both be more successful, and we’ll have fun!

Sarah Stone

Sarah is passionate about marketing, project management, relationships and results! With a keen eye for details and a solutions-oriented outlook, she shepherds direct mail campaigns to success while keeping a smile on her face. When she’s not executing campaigns for Gunderson Direct, Sarah loves traveling, trying new restaurants and recipes, and exploring everything the Bay Area has to offer.

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