How B2B Companies Can Benefit From Direct Mail Marketing

Mike Gunderson
How B2B Companies Can Benefit From Direct Mail Marketing

B2B companies can benefit from direct mail marketing to:

  • promote brand awareness
  • execute account-based marketing
  • build trust with customers

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In 2018, ANA-DMA released their annual Response Rate Report, which showed that 45% of marketers preferred using B2B direct mail marketing before social media, email marketing, paid search, and online display ads. As B2B marketers begin to assess the effectiveness of their marketing mix, more and more companies are focusing their efforts on direct mail marketing, and it’s easy to see why. Direct mail services B2B companies in a in a number of ways and we’re breaking down a few of the benefits businesses can realize in the channel.

Brand Awareness

Direct mail is an excellent way for new B2B companies to reach out to their target audiences and help establish brand awareness in their industry. In addition to creating a call to action, B2B companies can use an introductory direct-mail campaign to share relevant information regarding their company and the benefits they offer clients.

When drafting a direct mail marketing campaign with the intention of building brand awareness, marketing teams should consider how best to make their marketing materials memorable, and prioritize creativity when it comes to copy, graphics, and packaging.

Account-Based Execution

In the last decade, a large number of B2B companies have started adopting account-based marketing strategies. Account-based marketing (ABM) concentrates a business’s resources on a certain number of target accounts within a market and uses personalized campaigns to engage each account. Instead of reaching out to a list of leads, ABM will use personalized marketing material such as targeted advertising and direct mail marketing. According to a number of ABM surveys, integrating direct mail into an ABM campaign is an highly effective strategy that can help marketing teams increase response rates and improve scale.

Build Customer Trust

As anyone in business will tell you, first impressions matter. When reaching out to a prospective client or account, businesses must recognize how their approach may be perceived and whether it will foster or worsen a potential business relationship. Today, the world sees more than 320 billion pieces of spam sent per day. These spam emails are the vehicle in which 94% of all malware is delivered. For this reason, many business people feel uneasy opening unknown mail, especially on company property. This negative association can lead to a distrust in a brand, especially one that continues to solely rely on email marketing campaigns. In a highly digital world, brands that include physical marketing material in their campaigns have been shown to appear more authentic and trustworthy to clients and are more likely to receive responses from targeted accounts.

Whether your marketing team is looking to build brand awareness, improve customer experience, or target a specific customer base, direct mail marketing can help strengthen your marketing campaign and drive ROI. When developing your next marketing campaign, Gunderson Direct encourages readers to consider the many benefits of utilizing direct mail services.

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Mike Gunderson

Mike is the founder and president of Gundir, the award-winning direct marketing agency. Since 2003, Gundir has helped businesses drive new leads and close more sales through traditional offline channels, especially direct mail.

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