Who Knew?! Famous Postal Workers In US History

Mike Gunderson
Who Knew?! Famous Postal Workers In US History

Thanks to the USPS for compiling this list, view original article here.

Famous Postal Workers

Most people know that Benjamin Franklin worked for the Postal Service, but did you know that Bing Crosby and Walt Disney did too? For most of the people on this list, postal work came before fame.

Walt Disney | Film Producer, Theme Park Creator

Substitute carrier, Chicago, IL, and Christmas temporary, Kansas City, MO; 1918, 1919

Steve Carell | Actor, Comedian

Rural letter carrier, Littleton, MA; 1985

Charles Bukowski | Poet, Novelist, Screenwriter

Clerk, Los Angeles, CA; 1950s–60s

Harry S. Truman* | U.S. President

Postmaster, Grandview, MO; 1914–1915

Abraham Lincoln* | U.S. President

Postmaster, New Salem, IL; 1833–1836

Charles Lindbergh* | Aviato

Airmail pilot; 1926–1927

Brittany Howard | Singer, Alabama Shakes

Rural carrier assistant, Athens, AL; 2011

Here Is The Entire List Compiled By The USPS Historian.

Some of these individuals have also been commemorated on U.S. postage stamps. Their names are marked with an asterisk.*

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