5 Ways To Drive Better Results For Your Direct Marketing Campaigns

Mike Gunderson
5 Ways To Drive Better Results For Your Direct Marketing Campaigns
If You Want Your Direct Mail Campaigns To Deliver Results, You Have To Figure Out A Way For Your Marketing To Stand Out From The Crowd.

As you create a direct mail campaign, many variables will determine its success.

Advertising is everywhere, and it’s getting to the point where many consumers are desensitized to it. These people don’t even notice advertising unless it really captures their attention, which is becoming increasingly difficult to do with so many competitors.

One of the most important things you can do is stand out from the other pieces of marketing that show up in a mailbox on any given day and provide the homeowner with a reason to read your advertisement.

Here are five ways that you can stand out from the pack and achieve greater success with your next direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Appeal To Your Audience

Who is your audience?

Figuring out exactly who you’re marketing to is vital to the success of your campaign because it allows you to design your message with your target audience in mind. After all, about 54% of people report wanting to receive advertising from brands they like.

One idea for reaching your desired market is to look at demographic information within the various neighborhoods of a city. From there, you can identify the parts of the city that are more likely to be interested in your products, ensuring that your efforts aren’t wasted on consumers who are looking for something else.

The more you know about your audience, the more effective any data you collect will be for your direct mail marketing as a whole.

2. Create Compelling Copy

Pay special attention to the copy on your marketing material because it’s what ultimately delivers your message to the reader. Even small spelling or grammatical errors give off an unprofessional vibe that may hurt your chances with some customers.

Make sure your copy is direct and to the point because consumers don’t have a lot of time to wade through advertising that is full of fluff. These customers don’t need your life story; they just want to know what your product is, how it can help them, and where they can find it.

If you’re struggling with this aspect of direct mail marketing, working with a copywriter is a great way to streamline the process.

3. Make The Design Simple

Going hand in hand with to-the-point copy is a simple design that draws the reader’s eyes to the most critical information.

Your readers shouldn’t have to search for your contact information or product details — both are essential to making the sale and should be easy to find. Limit the images and text you use to ensure readers aren’t overwhelmed, as well.

Whitespace is an essential component of direct mail because it highlights the most important aspects of the marketing material by allowing it to separate and stand out from the rest of the text.

4. Have It Printed Professionally

If you’ve ever received a piece of direct mail that looks like it was printed on computer paper, you know how unprofessional it looks.

Therefore, you’ll want to work with a professional printer that can create high-quality marketing collateral that looks like it’s from a successful business. The equipment that these professional printers use will guarantee your advertising is easy to read and doesn’t look like something you created in your home office.

Even if you’re planning your first direct mail campaign right now, building a solid reputation starts with looking the part, and the quality of your printing is a significant factor.

5. Give Them A Reason To Read

Your purpose for sending out direct mail is to create sales or, at the very least, raise awareness of your brand.

But what’s in it for the reader?

Why should your audience take the time to read your advertising and then go through the trouble of visiting your website or storefront to make a purchase?

The key is to provide value. You want people who receive your direct mail to be motivated to follow up.

By including a discount code or coupon in your mailings, and making these benefits easy to find, you give people on your mailing list a reason to read and, more importantly, consider buying your product, leading to much more success for your campaign.

Make The Extra Effort

In the end, you’ll have to put a lot of effort into your direct mail marketing plan because you want your advertisements to reach the right people, deliver the ideal message, and do so in a way that consumers find appealing.

Gunderson Direct can assist you through every aspect of your direct mail marketing journey, from strategizing and creating mailing lists to analyzing the results and making improvements. We’re available for the production and mailing of this material, as well. Drop us a line to find out how we can drive your direct mail results and turn your prospects into leads and sales.

Mike Gunderson

Mike is the founder and president of Gundir, the award-winning direct marketing agency. Since 2003, Gundir has helped businesses drive new leads and close more sales through traditional offline channels, especially direct mail.

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