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ZipRecruiter case study

Gundir’s direct mail strategy and operational expertise helped ZipRecruiter increase ROI with a direct mail brand that separated it from the competition.

By The Numbers

Ten years of business building direct mail


individual mail drops over 10 years


increase in mail quantity


most effective lead source for ZipRecruiter


ZipRecruiter needed to scale their direct mail program effectively to attract more employers to post jobs on their platform. Here’s how we built their program from start to success.

The Challenge

Turning a test into a business model

Initial testing indicated that direct mail was a cost-effective way to reach and convince employers to post jobs using ZipRecruiter. The next phase was putting an ongoing test and learn, validate, and rollout direct mail program in place that optimized both effectiveness and efficiencies over time.

The Solution

Building a foundation for success

The goal was to build a foundational DM program providing a steady source of B2B leads. We needed to develop both testing and scaling plans that would establish an always-on, optimized DM program in a hurry. In addition to strategic guidance, Gundir was responsible for all aspects of sourcing and managing campaign resources.  

The Results

In it for the long haul

ZipRecruiter has gone from mailing thousands to millions of packages monthly —  with optimization always remaining a focal point of the program. After 10 years of service, the Gundir/ZipRecruiter relationship stays strong and direct mail continues to be a vital part of their marketing mix.

Their years of experience add a layer of strategic direction to our campaigns. This has allowed us to keep a very consistent flow of mail in market for over 10 years.

ZipRecruiter, Director of Growth


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