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Personal Capital case study

Gundir’s full range of services helped Personal Capital build a direct mail leads funnel that converted to billions in assets under management.

Personal Capital is now Empower.


By The Numbers

Not just any leads, high conversion leads.

46 waves

of testing — lists, segments, offers, creative, formats

6 new

messaging tests based on a Pillars Workshop

1 total

rebrand plan, test and rollout


A breakthrough fintech startup combining tech with expert investment management needed some breakthrough direct mail to build its asset base.

The Challenge

Generating leads that turn into assets

Personal Capital was willing to give away a proprietary financial dashboard software tool for free to anyone who wanted it. But, the key was to find prospects who recognized the benefits of PC’s investment management services and who would convert into investment clients.

The Solution

Testing to find high converting audiences

Gundir continually tested multiple variables and applied our modeling expertise across numerous databases. Refinements allowed us to home in on prospect segments with significant assets who would enter the top of the funnel as dashboard users, but also had the greatest propensity to convert to investment management clients.

The Results

When less mail means better results

With all the possible variables on the table, Gundir was able to lead Personal Capital to the right target, with the right offer, and the right creative to generate leads with the highest conversion rate. That meant mailing fewer pieces to more finely targeted segments for greater response at a lower cost.

Their detailed test planning and deep dive analytics turned direct mail into a top channel for quality leads.

Personal Capital, Senior Director of Marketing


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