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By The Numbers

OneMain’s go-to creative resource for new controls


overall lift in response


new controls established across all segments


new product intros via direct mail channel


OneMain financial needed a financial services DM expert to revamp tired creative with a whole new brand to differentiate them from competition.

The Challenge

New competitors crowd the market

OneMain Financial had built their personal loan business through direct mail with a number of strong performing controls. But, over time, competitors stole their thunder with similar approaches. Response was starting to erode and OneMain was losing its differentiation in the category.

The Solution

Our always be testing (ABT) philosophy

Gundir started the engagement with our proprietary Pillars Workshop for an all-hands deep dive into OneMain’s unique marketplace advantages. Then, we worked with OneMain to develop a test-and-learn roadmap that laid out a year’s worth of creative development and test scheduling.

The Results

New controls and ongoing learnings

For over four years, this ABT best practice has helped to replace nearly every OneMain control with stronger performing creative. Realizing that direct mail creative is unique, OneMain turned over all its direct mail creative development to Gundir so their internal teams could focus on their digital and collateral expertise.

We had no idea when we started that the Gundir team would add this level of ongoing value. They do a great job and it’s a friendly team that’s fun to work with.

OneMain, VP of Customer Acquisition


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