IXL Learning case study

Personalized learning needs a personalized approach to using targeted data and deep analytics to boost enrollment and engagement.

By The Numbers

12 tests in 3 drops = fast learning


increase in response rate


established baseline for controls


reduction in overall production costs


IXL faced the challenge of how to optimize mailings. Here’s how we redefined a performance-driven mail program to build family memberships for their education technology.

The Challenge

Sub-optimized mailings underperformed

IXL, a pre-K through high school learning platform, had a mailing history with mixed results. They needed to set direct mail baselines and develop a set of direct mail best practices to understand what was working and what to improve to better engage parents of school age children.

The Solution

Collaboration and testing drives a success

A pilot program was launched to test effective creative strategies using variable production technologies based on the age of the children in the household. On the data side, multiple data sources were deployed using look-a-like models to identify and target the most promising prospects based on comprehensive demographic and behavioral data.  

The Results

Pivotal insights guide strategic direction

Insights from the initial data provided a solid foundation and next steps planning for optimizing audience segmentation and messaging. These learnings helped us to harness the potential of direct mail with ongoing improved performance of IXL’s direct mail campaigns.

They’ve made a lot of miracles happen very quickly and are committed to direct mail in a way very few agencies are.

IXL, Marketing Manager


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