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Redfin Premier case study

Our real-world victories with Redfin Premier prove that direct mail isn’t just a strategy — it’s a game changer for your business.

By The Numbers

Doubled Redfin’s ROI within the first year


aggregate response rate


increase in quality leads


surge in closed deals


Redfin Premier was ready to drastically change their direct mail program and broaden their niche audience. Here’s how our collaboration led to extraordinary outcomes.

The Challenge

Direct mail wasn’t meeting KPIs

Experts in luxury real estate, Redfin Premier seeks top-dollar deals for high-end properties with their experienced agents. Building and managing a successful direct mail program for their benefit presented a number of unique challenges that demanded extraordinary solutions.

The Solution

Partners in ongoing optimization

Reviewing past efforts, we strategized impactful changes for Redfin’s direct mail program. Key steps include: an overhauled data strategy; an aggressive creative testing plan; an optimized contact frequency strategy; strategic omnichannel integration; and streamlined production for highly personalized mailings.

The Results

Solid foundation for future success

Our transformation of a low-ROI program into a direct mail marketing powerhouse delivered remarkable results. Year-on-year, we achieved a substantial increase in response rates, quality leads and closed deals. With these successes, we’re expanding into more markets with a clear strategy for further testing and rollout.

Gundir exceeded our expectations on this campaign. Not only did we see a huge increase in leads at a lower conversion cost, but our agents appreciated the thoughtfulness of the mailers.

Redfin Premier, Program Director


our clients’ expectations

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