BetterHelp case study

Unique expertise in data sourcing, creative testing and variable data production helped a company overcome a key hurdle — allowing it to grow to its true potential.

By The Numbers

3,000+ therapist applications flood Betterhelp


more therapist identified through our data research


packages tested over 3 years


reduced cost per piece due to production efficiencies


Gundir’s innovative approach to data, creative, production and testing helped solve the challenge of finding therapists to meet patient demand.

The Challenge

Mental health professionals in short supply

BetterHelp had a robust B2C program in place that generated large numbers of patients seeking telehealth mental services. But they were unable to find providers to meet that demand using traditional recruitment methods and digital marketing. They had tried direct mail in the past with little success.

The Solution

Pinpoint targeting and a revamped approach

Gundir’s challenge was to find reliable data sources and efficiently market to a wide range of licensed professionals. We also experimented with formats and creative that enabled customization at scale based on license type, location and incentives required to motivate response.  

The Results

Optimized for response and conversion

Testing led us to high-performing responsive healthcare license databases that generated provider leads across BetterHelp’s key states. Our production expertise enabled unique content by state and license type, plus the ability to target individual targets with relevant incentives that led to greater conversions.

Their expertise and best practices turned a weak program into a success.

BetterHelp, Director of Provider Marketing


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