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Gundir proved, beyond a doubt, that physical mail can play an essential role in generating quality top-of-funnel leads for technology and SaaS businesses.

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Avalara struggled to convey the value of its tax automation software in their mailings. Here’s how creative messaging and format testing turned direct mail into their leads workhorse.

The Challenge

Generating interest for a complex product

There was no doubt that Avalara’s products could benefit numerous businesses of all sizes. A free analysis could prove that point. The problem was coming up with the value proposition and an offer structure that got the target to take action and keep leads flowing.

The Solution

A deep dive into the product and the buyer mindset

Gundir was able to crack the code on creative with a combination of deep product understanding and a testing roadmap that included content, formats and offers against Avalara’s various audience segments. Communication cadence and multi-touch strategies are also being continually tested.

The Results

New controls turn mail into a top lead-gen channel

Gundir turned direct mail into an essential channel for generating quality leads across Avalara’s business segments. Starting with one segment, we are now responsible for virtually all Avalara direct mail creative and content. Recently, they have engaged with our data team to test into list sources, further deepening our relationship.

Our CMO went so far as to show off our breakthrough creative in a company all hands meeting this year!

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