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Our experience and expertise cut overall costs while improving response to lower CAC (customer acquisition costs) while boosting membership.

By The Numbers

Lowered acquisition costs by 15%


unique direct mail packages


fewer versions by using variable data


cost reduction on control package


Past mailing success does not always guarantee future results. We breathed new life into a program that was increasingly underperforming.

The Challenge

Once successful mailings were falling flat

All mail programs, regardless of how successful they are, will eventually degrade. In the case of AAA, old controls were seeing stagnant performance. And production costs continued to climb as mailing complexities grew and cross-state promotions required extensive versioning.

The Solution

A two pronged approach to lowering CAC

The first step to get AAA on track was to refine segmentation to better target the messaging and help understand production versioning. This led to simpler, easier to produce packages. The second step was to cut production costs with rigorous vendor sourcing and production optimization.

The Results

The perfect combination — Higher response at a lower cost

Thoughtful testing into less costly packages that were easier to version paid off with improved response and lower CACs. Over our 7 year relationship with AAA we crafted over 80 unique creative packages. We also introduced them to the benefits of digital integration by leveraging email, Informed Delivery and QR codes in their mailings.

Not only did Gundir help reduce the number of versions, components, and costs of our acquisition program, but they also increased response and conversion with a refined direct marketing approach.

AAA, Director of Membership Marketing


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